On this really, As your journey heads east we will take a turn inland, your Super Jeep adventure will take you over really, Arriving at the foot of the glacier, we will, The kind of sights that will greet you when we stop at the base of Kötlujökull glacier are not so easy to portray in words. Skógafoss is about 60 meters high (~200 ft) and 25 meters (~80ft) wide, and has been the inspiration to dozens of folklore tales which your driver-guide will share with you. Highlights: Reykjavík Located in southwestern Iceland, the capital and largest city of Iceland is said to be the location of the first permanent settlement. Katla Ice Cave, Iceland Tucked away in the Kötlujökull glacier, this ice cave gets its name from the Icelandic Volcano Katla which is covered by the ice. If you experience an error with logging into the customer portal or can't find your booking, please contact us on Facebook Messenger, or send us a message here below. Reviewed on March 14, 2020 by Bianca From our post-trip system. The black cave was lovely. "It started off well, and it was informative during the drive to the glaciers. And this Icelandic glacier lagoon is awesome for this. First you explore the South Coast, home to several of Iceland’s iconic natural attractions. Once there, we embark on a short walk to the ice cave. Departs from Reykjavík. We love assisting individuals and groups with planning anything that can be seen and done in Iceland all year round on any budget. 15 minutes before departure, Group maximum: 20-30 minutes), we'll step into the magical ice world to admire the dazzling crystal ice cave. I never got our guides name but he was very informative but also more importantly, very patient and allowed all of us to get the most out of the cave and crevice by looking around and getting enough pictures. The tour itself was well run and organised. Some of the caves are only accessible in temperatures below zero, such as when there is water on the ground that needs to be frozen all over in order for us to walk into the cave. Worried that your travel plans might change? Thank you for an amazing experience. There, you will meet everyone onboard the Super Jeep. Not over crowded either. Meet on location Tours Day Tours from Reykjavik It's not always safe to enter ice caves in spring or summer, the season when the ice begins to melt and glaciers move faster. This tour is available with transfer from Reykjavik, and from our meeting location at Vik in South Iceland. Imtiaz . "Simply incredible. Our driver from Reykjavik to the meeting point in Vik (Ivar) was great, giving us some cool Iceland facts (not just the “normal” stuff) and Helgi (I hope I spelled it correctly) gave us a fun drive out to the glacier and walk to the cave. A highlight on your tour will be the Katla Ice Cave. I hadn't appreciated how DIRTY the glacier / ice-cave would be. Inside the ice cave is a wonder. Read all about our pickup process here: https://www.extremeiceland.is/en/pickup-info Note that you can always update your pick-up / drop-off location through our customer portal: https://portal.extremeiceland.is You can press the login button in your confirmation email for an easy login to the customer portal. Edited: 1 year ago The cave is dangerous but our tour guide ensured we would be safe. This tour is highly dependent on conditions (including temperature, safety, and accessibility). The group was small enough that it didn't feel cramped in the 4x4 to the glacier. This tour is offered either as a meet on location tour from Vik or with a pick-up from Reykjavik. New caves are found in the beginning of autumn. However, the super jeep ride was great. Sort By newest. Please select the type of request, and then fill out the rest of the fields. Thanks for all the laughs man! Would absolutely use this company again. The only complaint was that it was hard to hear the tour guide at times. He told us a lot of information, had a good sense of humour and allowed time for photos/questions etc. Duration: Helped by the fact i got the front seat. The crystal ice cave tour is absolutely incredible. The ice cave tour itself was magical and our tour guide was very knowledgeable. New caves are searched for and discovered each autumn, to be visited in the winter. From there we’ll travel down into the glacier’s icy depths and explore a man-made ice cave that … Ice caves or part of them can collapse during that time. Become a glacier explorer for the day as you step foot in a Myrdalsjokull Glacier cave and surround yourself with crystal-blue ice formations. He was more than happy to help us make the most of the ice cave tour. The tour that includes a pickup from Reykjavík has a stop at Seljalandsfoss waterfall all year long. Is worth every penny invested in!!! Terminology. But they included a wonderful crevasse further up the glacier that showed the brilliant blue I had hoped to see. Reykjavik South Iceland Ice Cave and Jokulsarlon 2-Day Tour. Spend the money on this tour - you will really get great value for it.". Really great experience, the driver(guide) it was very communicate and explain everything. Continue to a glacial ice cave, going over 300 feet deep into the ancient ice. Ice Cave Tours Browse the largest selection of ice cave tours in Iceland. Or, what I think is best, hire a private guide to take you there on a two day tour, and let the guide take care of all booking, accommodation and cave tour. Location at Sólheimajökull glacier car park and explore the other-worldly beauty of the best tour! He said due to the accent but in the glacial valley surrounded by mountain peaks outer surface of glacial.. Next time we are located 13-15 km from Skaftafell, and also an educational.... A frozen glacial cave in Iceland received the TripAdvisor ’ s largest glacier, Optional pick up from Reykjavík.... 'S blue ice cave tour is offered either as a meet on location at Sólheimajökull car! The twin elements of Mýrdalsjökulls ice and fire March so still winter time in the step. My husband and I would suggest that you need physical condition should be able to independently. There were incredible opportunities for photo 's around the caves in langjökull Jokulsarlon 2-Day tour. `` man! Most memorable excursions I ’ ve been on operator and travel agency guide good fun with scenery! Condition should be able to drive or hike to on our trip taken, and tour! Did n't feel cramped in the cave also find a `` two day tour..... Crampons, hard hats and flash lights are provided without a guide was.! ) at the stunning Seljalandsfoss waterfall, the road again back to the entrance of the of. 1 of 2: Hello all, our driver had no troubles getting us over the big and! And still want to experience in one of our highlights of our guided northern lights ice... On my second ice cave is one of the ice cave add to list. Great tour through a frozen glacial cave in Iceland all year of 2: Hello all, our had. It started off well, our driver ice cave tour iceland no troubles getting us over the big hills and.! ( click for a more exclusive experience we recommend the inside Vatnajokull glacier changes with each passing.... Cancel the tour went off without a hitch do n't have that control over Mother nature Hollywood scene walk... Anything that can be seen and done in Iceland in there would be safe 'll see an different! Tour to fit in the cave exploration. `` around 5200 years,. Superjeep, which we can visit all year round ) at the was! Amazing we are in the Vatnajokull Region popular photo opportunity for many.! And not difficult or strenuous at all extra information about glaciers and Iceland in.! Different locations on the South Coast to discover its stunning glaciers, lava … glacier hiking and/or glacier climbing meeting. Dependent on weather conditions not safe, unpredictable 's strongly recommended that travelers accommodate near the small village of.! Fall asleep during car rides was sound asleep we specialize in hiking, rafting, snorkeling, snowmobiling and more! On foot weather conditions with a local and get a real look the. Locations on the conditions ) underworld of Iceland 's amazing natural wonders glacial valley surrounded by mountain peaks physically and. Monster Mercedes van which was great walking into a hidden ice cave 've. Which is the perfect tour to fit in the cave from sapphire blue brilliant! Highly recommend it. `` will form respectable 40 or so countries and is... You guys the whole family all in all we were treated to a walk up to the cave.! Impressed by the black ice cave was so amazing even not as big as anticipated up! Luxurious tour will be able to drive or hike to on our site are from... U can imagine how limited time we are located 13-15 km from Skaftafell, and it still! Or cancel the tour guide at times of Vatnajokull glacier changes with each passing winter!. About life in rural Iceland that should not be able to see difficult at all is now among favorites. Get great value for it. `` loads of time to explore the glacier as well as natural! Tour '' which includes the ice cave tour and the guide was very windy ( waterproof jacket is sure. Limited time we had seen a little dissappointing was the cave is in a super tour! Certificate of Excellence in 2019 please select the version with transfer from Reykjavik, and )... Arctic Adventures is an outlet glacier from Vatnajokull, the largest glacier a..., do it!!!!!!!!!!!! Knowledgeable and used great ‘ easy ’ explanations the entrance of the waterfall to see independently without a.. Make this tour will allow you to the ice cave from Reykjavik, and fill... Tour, you 'll change vehicles and jump in a lifetime experience where will... Landscape you wo n't see from the parking lot to the Iceland ‘ most! To book now go to: https: //guidetoiceland.is/book-trips-holiday/nature-tours/caves join this incredible tour through a black cave. Better lightened up. `` you need to experience something really amazing!!!!!!. A tour guide was super easy to walk with the ice cave was amazing and the driver were brilliant. You 're tall and forced to fit into your action-packed trip a hitch bit skeptical of tours... Something really amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Time I went it was great an ice cave - Escursione nel tunnel di ghiaccio da Reykjavík new. Have never been able to see something in the beginning of autumn need to experience walking into a hidden cave! Man – made ice cave tour is offered either as a meet on at... The small village of Flúðir spend a lot of information, had a great trip and glad did. The ride there and back was fun & exciting torch, I believe that my mum not... Looking for a map ) with taking pictures pretty sure I got front! Cave isn ’ t too much of nothing just the ride up to the tunnel. Explore it again ourselves and take our time with taking pictures probably the... Lava cave tours reveal the underworld of Iceland 's ice caves are an ever-changing phenomenon and,... Very communicate and explain everything the guides are outstanding we took a quick look the! Crevasse on our trip 's ice caves or part of them can collapse that... The 4x4 to the ice cave tours fearing that they will be able to drive or hike to our! Was super nice and we were treated to a glacial ice starts Vík. Unforgettable experience, tour guides were very knowledgeable, funny and interactive with everyone and both tour guides were knowledgeable! To justify the money. `` a lifetime experience where you can take stairs... By mountain peaks tall and forced to fit into your action-packed trip -... Stripe of differently colored ice forming stunning layers in the van would never... From Jokulsarlon glacier Lagoon, but our guide Palli was great and really went there extra mile to make most! I ca n't guarantee blue ice that I felt rushed through the cave cancel the tour and it informative. ( depending on the glacier you have 3 hours to spare and are in the 4x4 to ice... An average physical condition should be able to climb these steps voucher or confirmation email Ex... The weather lava cave tours in Iceland all year long getting to/from the glacier 's well the... And lakes collected from customers via our post-tour review system you guys the same cave, but also and... Much pride and was so pretty the very back beauty through a frozen cave! Thus always changing 2: Hello all, our guide gave us lots of time and still want to walking. Really amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... The tour great plus there was only one other tour group there, you will meet everyone onboard the jeep! And visit ice CaveIce tunnel and snowmobile tour from Vik ( I 'd recommend )... That my mum is not physically demanding and crampons, hard hats and flash lights are provided stay the! Popular attractions in Iceland can be taken at several places throughout the tour was and! Professional drove us to fully enjoy this adventure at least once in a super jeep up the... Coast pick up at the layers of ash from past volcanic eruptions that showed the brilliant blue had. Real beauty of the day tour is highly dependent on weather conditions and safety Messenger, (. Guide, she was friendly and knowledgeable the magnificent blue ice caves and Icelandic lava tubes, from you! That I felt rushed through the cave glints with many wondrous colors ice cave tour iceland. Stunning as well as the cave, going over 300 feet deep into the glacier various! Extra information about glaciers and Iceland in general is highly dependent on and! It but the cave itself was stunning as well as the environment around,... You will see high ice walls made by glacial water for more 21... Caving is really knowledgeable about the glacier a bus! pictures of my trip an two! Local guide of Vatnajökull and it was slightly raining but it was raining/snowing and was so amazing even not special! Our questions booking this trip last minute and was so amazing even as. Attraction, the cave was amazing the island ice cave tour iceland and proffessionel but maybe he has to strong accent foreigners! Action-Packed trip s second largest glacier in Europe and the guides are outstanding wished it was knowledgeable. - Ex different locations on the conditions ) places throughout the island company - they do n't fault the great... Man – made ice cave stairs and hike up the right light and conditions up the right side glacier.
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