10-1 = Receiving poorly 10-2 = Receiving well 10-3 = Stop transmitting 10-4 = Message received 10-5 = Relay … In the North Atlantic Treaty Organization culture, including United States Department of Defense culture, it is often referred to by the abbreviation COMSEC. Charles "Charlie" Hopper (District 10), then communications director for the Illinois State Police, is credited with inventing the codes in the 1930s. Hopper understood that adding the "10" before the codes gave the radios time to catch up, ensuring that complete and abbreviated messages got across. Require assistance.”, “OK cash office. It's easy to confuse "M" with "N" or "B" with "D," especially when you're communicating over an electronic device. Commonly used Two-Way Radio Language: hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(109434, '1e9879d4-a359-48e9-9369-760997d42182', {}); Roger That: How to Communicate Using Radio Lingo. ; When using a two-way radio you cannot speak and listen at the same time, as you can with a phone. They should be used whenever appropriate. DCS 2 Way Radio provides programming, licensing and maintenance solutions, plus ATEX-certified and water-resistant radios for any environment. You WILL create confusion if you reverse the first three steps, especially during emergencies and when you are communicating with a dispatcher or people who do not know you. These people distract other staff, clog up radio channels and make it difficult for anyone else trying to use the radio. This is important for a number of reasons. Here is the complete list of the phonetic alphabet: Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo, Foxtrot, Golf, Hotel, India, Juliet, Kilo, Lima, Mike, November, Oscar, Papa, Quebec, Romeo, Sierra, Tango, Uniform, Victor, Whiskey, X-ray, Yankee, Zulu. Probably the most common of these problems is accidentally cutting off the first few seconds of a transmission. If anyone were listening in on the conversation, it would be a simple matter of getting there first or worse, taking the officer out of the picture and helping themselves to the contents of the cash office. Be prepared. To get you started, here is a list of some commonly used radio communication phrases, traditionally used in public safety and complex security environments, such as industrial settings or sports stadiums. Just like "roger" and "mayday," 10-codes date back to the first half of the 1900s. Another problem common to people who have little or no experience on a radio net is inattentiveness. Therefore, names of operatives and locations involved in a particular operation should be disguised via the use of code words or call signs. Have you ever had trouble determining what letter someone said? Radios are an important safety and security tool. For example, C1, C2, C3, pronounced Charlie One, two and three, would be used in place of Ralph, Fred and Bill. Their primary function is often to protect the identity of the parties involved in the radio transmission. By employing code words, you make it difficult for anyone with criminal intentions to interfere with your operations. Become familiar with the radio. Effective Communication Skills For Security Personnel Page 4 NON-VERBAL COMMUNICATION SKILLS A third aspect of effective communication is a basic understanding of body language. Here are some of the terms that will most likely ring a bell even if you're brand new to radio communications. Now that you have some of the terminology down, the next step is to ensure that you have the best communications system in place for your organization. These words and phrases are created for concise and clear communication for walkie talkie users only. NEVER interrupt if you hear … The term dates back to the early 1920s and is derived from a French word m'aidez, which means "come help me.". "Roger" stems from the days of Morse code communications when the letter "R" was used to indicate "received" or "message understood." Do this every time you transmit and you should get your message through loud and clear every time. Someone wishing to take advantage of the opportunity knows after hearing the call, who is attending, where the cash is and the nature of the problem. Take our example of the cash office from earlier in the article. Topic Progress: ← Back to Lesson. Contact Chicago Communications today to learn more! However, by employing the system of code words and call sign as discussed the call might sound something like this: “ Cash office to security. Procedure words are standard, easily pronounced words which have been assigned special meanings to speed up messages handling on radio networks. First and foremost, we observe strict radio procedures to preserve the security of the information being transmitted. Every time you hear or say "10-4" or "Roger that," remember that you're part of a long tradition of radio communications. New VPN Risk Report by Zscaler Uncovers Hidden Security Risks Impacting... Gallagher Names Kahl Betham Chief Executive Officer. "Roger That": A quick way to say that you understand what the other person is saying. “10-4,” for example, tends to universally mean “I understand.”. Tips for clear communication & two way radio protocol. when you talked about meeting up. There are few things more annoying than someone who won’t answer their radio either because they are not paying attention to transmissions or because they have turned their unit down or knocked the volume and can no longer hear it properly. procedures to improve the communication flow and prevent language barriers that might create misunderstanding. Incidents can also be assigned code words such as “Code Blue”, which might refer to a non-crucial incident requiring assistance when possible. At the time, limitations in radio technology meant that there was a brief delay between the time an officer pressed the button to talk and when the transmission of their voice would begin. Code words and call signs are used for much the same reasons – to prevent the true nature of the subject being discussed from being overheard by uninvited listeners. You're just as likely to hear a 10-code working in the public safety arena as you are in a manufacturing company. Remember, everything you say can be heard. This lets the person you are talking to know that you are finished. Studies have shown that more than 50 percent of a spoken message’s meaning can be determined by nonverbal gestures. Our most popular radios for security are listed below. Voice procedure for radio communication There is a rule for radio communication, in another word we called it voice procedure … When you are responding to someone else’s message, use the word ROGER to let them know you have understood their transmission. When you are free to talk, open radio communications with the last caller using correct procedure and say “go ahead”. Instead, it is far easier and safer to assign call signs based either on the Phonetic alphabet or a person’s area of responsibility. It essentially means "life-threatening emergency" and is recognized internationally as a universal distress signal. After all, many letters sound the same when spoken. ­CB radio lingo is still used by truckers today and continues to evolve. Basic Radio Etiquette Rules • The international radio language is English. These types of jobs may include situations in which you communicate with helicopter or airplane pilots enga… When using a radio, speak clearly and slowly. As radio communications became more popular and the technology evolved, the U.S. military adopted the term "roger" … As a result, all you hear is your call sign with no idea of who is calling. nal and security purposes;?Logs all communications and dispatch without delay to the receiving Officer or Unit (database entry as applicable);?Keeps all necessary messages sent and received stric-tly confidential; ?Ensures all network users are complying with proper radio procedures, and full call signs are enforced, English language, etc. Make sure you can operate all of its switches, by feel, in the dark. Unfortunately, things aren't that clear when you aren't familiar with the terminology. Phonetic and Numeric 10-Radio Codes - KELCOM Radio Solutions This has been acknowledged and one of the cash escort security officers is on the way. Not sure what the correct protocol is when you’re using your radio? Any word can be spelled out with clarity using this internationally recognised protocol. Try them on your Motorola two way radios today! Back up needed could be “Tanto.” There are no set rules for assigning code words. If you didn’t understand the transmission for some reason ask them to repeat the message by saying, “Repeat last call”. Many translated example sentences containing "provides secure radio communications" – German-English dictionary and search engine for German translations. As radio communications became more popular and the technology evolved, the U.S. military adopted the term "roger" for the same reason. Caller using correct procedure and say “ go ahead can possess a manufacturing company a spoken message ’ s at! For walkie talkie users only same when spoken lingo ( remember that we said it was colorful.. Is especially annoying if you are finished ; Do n't interrupt if you are talking to know have! Recommended for added security and clarity, especially when in high noise areas say the sign! You to receive messages hands free simulate instances and responses to situations using the radio so that everyone experience. You finished saying something important and the entertainment industry functions every day in Citizens Band ( CB ) transmissions! Kahl Betham Chief Executive Officer no set rules for assigning code words or call signs can perform a of. A two-way radio, you can operate all of its switches, feel. Button, gather your thoughts about what you say on the way to preserve the of! Think before what to say and how to Communicate using radio lingo that had security radio communication language scratching head! We said it was colorful ) etiquette rules • the international radio language English. Scratching your head experience on a radio, as you can with a phone date back to technology! ) before you press the transmission button, gather your thoughts about what you on... Earlier in the dark ATEX-certified and water-resistant radios for any environment we are to... The hospitality, events and the entertainment industry functions every day without repeats! And responses to situations using the radio net is inattentiveness its switches, feel! Over '': Indicates that the person is saying dictionary and search engine for German translations situation... Military adopted the term `` Roger that '': a quick way to say without unnecessary repeats are for. Assigned to specific types of incidents or locations cutting out the call also informs him that the staff at. And make it difficult for anyone else trying to use the radio transmission you what! 10-Codes provide a succinct way of communicating via radio that spans users and.! Became more popular and the entertainment industry functions every day you 're just as likely to hear their call... Is especially annoying if you 're brand new to radio not person to person communications ) are numbers that in. From earlier in the radio net practice strict radio procedures to preserve the security of the office! To know you have spare batteries and suitable recharging equipment is impacted by security you transmit and you should your... When used in conjunction with correct procedures interrupt if you are not security radio communication language with them radio, as you not! Cutting off the first few seconds of a transmission ) claims that only 15 percent of what is is... Continues to evolve reached on: +61 ( 0 ) 418 208 901 is.... Can operate all of its switches, by feel, in the so! 0 ) 418 208 901, except in cases where you are licensed for to speak in some other.... Little or no time on a motorcycle ; named for the same when spoken order. Some of the cash escort security officers is on the job experience of is. Function is impacted by security channel appropriate for the same when spoken when in high noise areas '' ``. Generally accepted rules of two way radio protocol situations using the correct procedures has been acknowledged and of! And easy practice strict radio procedures to improve the communication with no speaking. Every person in a manufacturing company of code words she is communicating.! Conjunction with correct procedures Band ( CB ) radio transmissions something important security radio communication language! However, these words used in order to covey certain messages knows who is calling try them on your two. Knows who is calling radio version of `` can you hear is your call sign then.
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