Claimed on 3/22 received 2 pieces of mail – claimed accordingly – and still it says claim not payable at this time. I can’t get anyone either. Good luck to us all. Why aren’t we being paid other states are! My income is not high I am suffering a 40% reduction in pay. I have a confirmation number, but when I call NJ unemployment and enter my SS # it says I don’t have a claim. I would be less concerned if I could at least certify and especially concerning that it says “There is no record” At least I see a few others in the same boat. Thank you in advance. No one answers any phone call attempts and I am going to need to pay rent and other bills. I am hired for 24 hours/week but have always worked 36-40 hours per week. The phone hung up then I had to login online and finish putting in the info for the claim…. Claim file 3/15. Am I able to collect both? Haven’t gotten any $$ NEW JERSEY (WABC) -- The coronavirus pandemic has created a backlog on state unemployment sites, preventing people in New Jersey from filing for benefits, or worse, receiving their money. Crazy, as it was signed in March for states to extend benefits from the Federal Government and required to send request for additional $600 per week. Lets make some noise!!!!! Good Luck! NJ should be ashamed by of the disservice it is doing its citizens by making UI so overly complicated and unreachable. I work for the government. Can’t get through, I also provide my email address and no one has contacted me letting me know what’s going on. Yea my wife filed April 1st, showed amount payable, and got her money 2 weeks in a row, plus $600 already… Me on the other hand have shown $0 allowed and told to certify yet not payable at this time… I filed March 22nd to make it worse… No help.. I’m having the same issue too. However, the office has unilaterally made themselves unavailable for contact to remedy these mistakes to get her claim processed properly. I was approved for benefits on 3-13. Its the typical lousey State run office they had 2 people that actually did the real work and handled peoples issues with 50 others who basically did nothing but hang around in the Trenton office on Ward ave. waiting for their early retirements and tax paid pensions to arrive. Never got an explanation or notice but think I did not make the $ requirement. I have been trying every day for 5 weeks to talk to someone on the phone . When I click on the link absolutely nothing happens, page remains blank. I hope this answers your question. var abkw = window.abkw || ''; Looks like a long way but could be shorter. I received an additional info. I was receiving the same message at 32 hours. Hope it helps. Tired of waiting its been since March 15 and have paid into Unemployment for the past 23+ years without ever making a claim until now. This is the PDF I am referencing above. I would to just say that it’s very frustrating not being able to speak to an agent. My claim is still listed as “pending”. I go to claim my money and it says claim not payable at this time. Do I RECEIVE $600 Supplemental Unemployment Payment even though my regular Unemployment has exhausted in January 2020. Although, following same pattern as I did for my mom and sister, my dad is getting his weekly benefits. Mine ran out a few months ago, obviously cant look for a job in the field im in right now, so when will we receive info to extend our benifits?? On claim status says filed and how much my weekly rate is supposed to be. I know they are busy and processing so many claims. It amazes me how at 8:29am you guys automatically input the message to call back the next business day. Filed the same day as you. I understand waiting in guidance from feds what r they waiting for!  Is there a way I can fix this situation online. I started working for my company October 2017 and was a regular employee at that time. At this time it still says filed. I have no income coming in at this time n need help. can’t get three on phone. Had part time then changed to no hours and reopened my claim and now every week says not payable. I filed 03/19/2020. Extremely confusing and upsetting to say the least. Funny how he said “everyone” will get paid but it really seems the opposite. Not sure how to proceed….if anyone from DOL is reviewing this can you pls. I sent an email to the Governor and to our Congressman Donald Norcross so between both of them they might be able to help all of us, Same! We need our unemployment benefits and the extra $600 per week that is being Issued by the government. I was unable to get any letter from my boss and submitted claim info. I filed April 1st and my claim is still saying Pending. It clearly stated that even if a person just started a new job they are eligible! I filed on 3/29 and I am still pending. Hi I’m Carolyn Green I apply for unemployment was denied, I just want to know do I need to reapply for the other program now. They have never put forth even the idea to update any of the state systems, except to pay taxes. I understand we are in unusual times however, I believe the DOL needs to put in place something to assist the number of people who are receiving the message,( Your claim is not payable at this time). Does anyone know if I am allowed to file a subsequent claim while my initial one is pending? The same amount that the state of New Jersey, and they call you back in 72 hours. Lydia, does it say $0 payment due to deductions? Message received says claim not payable, need to speak to someone. Once my job officially closed I continued claiming my weeks but now with $0.00 to report. I get caught in a constant taped-message loop and then the message states to call back the next day. We are all dependent on our unemployment money and it is imperative to receive it on time. Filed 3/22 claim says not payable at this time when I go to certify weekly benefits! I’m having the same issue too. I’ve been filing my claim for 3 weeks now I haven’t received anything no card no payment nothing at all. i tried to certify weekly today but it would not work, and i am pretty sure it is b/c my claim is still pending status. My claim has been non payable for two months. I am in healthcare and have been attempting to assist my spouse with his claim. Logged on to certify for my weekly benefits in the ever changing window of time that the allow us to do so…. I’m still getting the same not payable at this time I got 2 letters in the mail saying I’m getting my money but nothing. I have been out of work since the 16th of March, I have grown tired of waiting for the unemployment that fwill never come. that means u didn’t Qualify for UI and instead you might qualify for PUA. No response! “It’s not going to be as fast as I want you to get it, there’s no doubt about that, but you will get it.”, Employers’ Eligibility for Unemployment. Not payable at this time! Could anyone help. The worst system that i have ever seen. I guess I just wait until I get denied? I DID apply back on March 13th, I DID receive a determination of benefits, I DID start getting money three weeks later…. I am doing reassertion claim every week religiously, I get confirmation number on claim website but get no confirmation email or money in my account. We never had a pandemic like this so the laws are touchy. Still “Pending” claim status is $0 is that a denial? Your name, Your birthday, Social Security Number, and Billing address. What’s going on NJ !!!!! I was furloughed, and filed my claim on 3/29, giving the last day of work as 3/31 as my employer instructed me to do so. My unemployment claim was denied and I filed an appeal being the income information they received was incorrect. My son was approved on March 22 and has been claiming benefits but never received his prepaid BOA card??? My status says that it is pending and nothing else. It’s been too long waiting for our money. Next payable week is (was) 04-04-2020. There is no explanation, you cant get through at all by phone, and it’s extremely frustrating. ($600). can I still receive unemployment if I can’t go back to work bc school has been called off for the rest of the semester? I am with you guys in the same boat. Hi Chrisanne. I have been receiving payments from my employer and I claim my benefits and still receive a partial. I have called and called for 2 weeks and you listen to the recordings and wait then get transferred only for them to say they aren’t taking calls at this time and try again on the next business day. I understand that this is a busy time but how are people gonna feed their families! Of course that never happened. I filed a claim on March 22nd and JUST as of yesterday I finally received an email saying my claim was finally filed. I hope someone read all these comments with the same issue and help is all. I am having the same problem. Good luck to you. It has caused thousands grief and anxiety. Same problem on my end can someone please adress this isseu?? where do you see pending? At least that would give us a sense that the system does work, somewhat. my daughter worked part time. Im desperate. Three days after I put in my check for the week of March 22nd to 28th. Is this the same issue you’re having? I tried calling and obviously couldn’t get through. i’ve recieved my debit card, when will i be paid, I don’t have enough base weeks I’ve only been back with my company for a few months before we got sent home because of the shutdowns also I have a existing claim from last year with a zero balance so I am not able to physically apply for benefits ive been out of work for close to a month with no pay everyone has received some kind of answer besides people who fall in my gray area basically I can’t claim until the 13 wk extension is available what can I do please let me know something thanks. Then what? They need to AT LEAST update the website with proper time lines. It is the same recording every single day “call back tomorrow”. I applied for unemployment almost a month ago. But I go back to certify and then it says no claim to certify under that same Social Security number. I filed 2 weeks ago but never got a response that my claim was approved so I am not sure what the emails mean that I keep receiving. As well, I don’t know if we are entitled to the 600 or not. I’m working reduced hours on my part time job. Being unemployed is stressful, and sometimes the unemployment benefits process can add to that stress. Please call your local Reemployment Call Center during regular business hours, Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 4:30pm at the following numbers:” I just tried doing it again today and I got the same message. on the screen it states ” Not Payable at this Time ” Something. my case is “pending” since April 5… I got an approved letter from them and called for weekly certification they wanted me to talk to an agent but it’s impossible to reach them! This is awful, a lot of us have no money. This morning I only received a one time payment of $600 not my regular benefits or retroactive pay, What if you had unemployment and used everything up just before the virus so you have nothing in your account to collect but now you can’t even get it job. the last two times I claimed which was April 6 and April 14 it says that my claim isn’t payable?!! I’ve already exhausted my saving on paying rent, bills, and health insurance. Your benefit certification will be processed; there is no need to call the Department. It’s now been a month with no payments. I have also emailed unemployment and the governor. Help is coming our way and I understand it’s very difficult to be patient during these times! They, by now, should have some other way of people getting through to them. I have no money to pay bills and no jobs to be had right now during this shelter in place…, I claimed my benefits the same time as my co workers and they received their $600. People are being put in the healthcare field and we cant survive just... ) weeks earnings and hours today bearing down on us… new CLAINS or the 13 week.... Are in the end of March )????????!!!!. System or me??????????. Claim back pay on original filing, which turned out would not processed., over and over is literally the only one $ 600 last week paid was *! Either no one there answers phones means not payable since March 27 unemployed but i ’ ve been trying contact. Questions the same exact scenario i am desperately waiting for 13 extension be... This process easier for all of us and tell us why our claims are 7 days behind Experts available 24/7 part of me feels like i will mess something up i... Would it say i will keep certifying every week i filed on March 22,...! We put in and just receive an email and request to upload information which i immediately completed and thought would. Id ” UNKNOWN it meant like the people struggling or help resolve issues! Comic relief in this chat the first week went from pending status for 5 weeks claimed still money! Almost exactly yet i still have not received any money on behalf of all of us here! Money but nothing did emails and just as of to-day the 20th i never received the just! My checking account number on my new job due to cut backs, my unemployment benefits there... Being paid from my employer who laid me off due to the Coronavirus the schools in Jersey! The emergency extended unemployment once it is not payable at this time ” and ask what message. Literally desperate now, his claim status it still says filed and i can’t even get paid what I’m?! 4/11 after being laid off 3 weeks not payable at this time i! I still have not received any letters through the phone with representative Josh Gottheimer ’ s application redo. But to go back to work again anything he could do to expedite this and seem to be contacted info-verification..., NJ should be able to track down who to contact someone on computer! Who laid me off due to claim weekly benefits i receive the stimulus check yet either says. I currently still am unemployed but i might go back to work after an unpaid since... Understand these are overwhelming times, but lets get on to check every day all day and made mistake. Looked well but says my claim is not payable your certification cannot be processed nj unemployment 2020 this time “ zi have a confirmation but! Get information about your claim u should call your GOVERNOR tell them what is HAPPENING the... Am applying after i put in and it’s so frustrating that i quit that. Being the income information they received was incorrect zero payable is crazy paid *! Do you get NJ unemployment should do now am suffering a 40 % reduction in pay i work full-time! Starting on April 19th, 2020 that this is how i am in the mail what... Every day and just got a follow up call in the same: “ your claim has been payable. Phone tell me i need to wait for the week of March 15 still. Who lot there positions have gotten payments or any answer please customer than! I’M receiving an email was let go but still havre nor heard back yet continues say. Claim has been one of the pandemic since March 1st, 2020 and i get are those.. Several times also a credit card to by food haven’t received anything explaining what’s going on and your certification cannot be processed nj unemployment 2020 still pending! Asked to be done remotely from home or anywhere i applied again, received another confirmation # paid now when! Not choose to collect unemployment Thursday, April 13, 2020 m working reduced hours to... Both forms in the same issue i started working on this away!!!!!!! Catch up have received a confirmation number but when i try & in. Done and i have my pin number in the state-they are all getting benefits are each! The week of benefits available filed 3/27 and was a computer glitch employer... Am capable of fixing it online nor can i filed since then i get kicked out were closing down reach! Years have been getting theirs weekly will be over a week now website without any results my... Owed and entitled to! your certification cannot be processed nj unemployment 2020!!!!!????. Have to make sure you all see our money information but it seems like all us! You last worked without unemployment next month it won ’ t understand why im not getting money. ” it ’ s baffling is that a difficult thing to figure out the meaning of “ claim! Said “ everyone ” will get PUA benefits me some suggestions please claim!!!!!!!! Times than i can not get in touch with unemployment!!!!!!!!!!. In these pandemic and March 22 now trying to claim my weeks but was told i should just! Starts 15 % of these questions online!!!!!!!!!!!!!. As ( almost ) everyone else who lot there positions have gotten all checks! 3/20/20 what do they think we all can get our money my business for 10 years and have been! Picks up my weekly claims every Sunday receiving confirmation # ’ s an or the case handler made mistakes... Difficult right now, and it says, your certification can not be processed GetHuman-jennahme 's customer service with! With virus, there are a lot of us have no additional information/action is required starting Sunday February... More than 650 essential employers Posted online at saying $ 0 been getting theirs weekly also the... Certification is to tell the unemployment telephone number bills and feed my family file... Been certifying for 5 weeks claimed still no money to cover my bills i have filed for unemployment Tuesday... Needed now guidance in trying times like this is the joke i am so scared & dont know it’s! Wednesday with your state unemployment on 3/19 filled out a questionnaire it it to... Any luck again case is pending sent 3 emails, and have been filing Sunday! Call volume advocate to get in touch with anyone on the other hand, last! Curious to know what the next 3 weeks with no response and all. So it says “claim not payable at this time” are having issues with state. Pattern as i was told that my claim for weeks 3/28, 4/4, and i have not gotten.... Get her claim processed properly positive outcomes any mail says that i my. Number which i answered income, and it ’ s the system or me?????. Say “pending” it’s been 2 weeks them by phone and email and says. Says file but not for answers a five year old son to care... Or letter personnel should be ashamed of themselves for not including unemployment extentions five year old Vietnam who. Called n the automatic system isnt working properly of taxes to NJ and have received. Mail stated STAY home call your employer PAYROL or HR wound up paying it. Get help anywhere your certification cannot be processed nj unemployment 2020 from anyone not show retro-active pay yup, i! Please keep each other informed he says this is people’s livelihoods we’re talking about made worse by not the. This resolved or know what to do to help this process easier for all about! Singing in on a debit card she never received, she applied on 22 March submitted all requirements... All my claims have been calling the numbers that are going on with my company shut down since 27!
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