Will there be a second season? Darkeyes28 Apr 30 2020 7:27 am I Love This Drama and I Hope I Can See The Season 2 Soon !!!! Jung Kyoung-Ho is my fav. Claire Jun 12 2020 10:09 am Congratulations guys you have a good ratings. Momo May 03 2020 3:41 am Just hoping there's no typical chaebol fighting for power drama.. Stechira Mar 20 2020 4:05 pm Am so pleased the way Ahn Jeong won kissed Jang Gyeo wool. I can't wait for the next season.❤, Joen Jun 01 2020 9:01 am Zianni May 21 2020 6:24 am I even counted down the days. I Love Them All Super! tvN’s “Hospital Playlist” has reached a new all-time ratings high! leslie May 14 2020 9:12 pm This dorama is so heartwarming. ujuholic Jun 14 2020 12:18 pm From the OSTs, to the band practices, to the well-detailed surgeries, and of course the actors' wonderful portrayal of their characters: you really won't wanna miss this one. Izzy May 08 2020 1:43 pm But she's a pro as musical actress. Especially, it has a lot of songs I love: Aloha, Canon, Moon sonata... and an OST from Feeling drama 1994, I cant remember the name of that song, tried to search but couldn't. Especially jo jung seok acting and singing. Very promising drama. Noonaloveskdrama Nov 09 2019 12:36 pm An amaaaaazing drama. Hospital Playlist. It’s funny, lovely and realistic. Rating accuracy 97%. 2 episodes in week? The one in year 1999. Can't waitttt, zuzu Jun 20 2019 7:56 am i honestly hoping a hot scene of them bcs it's jo jung suk the master of kiss after all. But I just noticed that beginning ep6 I think, they started the next ep with the last scene from previous ep which did not happen during the earlier episodes. Also all actors & actres. Screenwriter-nim, PD-nim, please the same cast for season 2, I don't think other actors can replace the current cast, they're fabulous. I will not expect much of this because the writer is the Reply series and Prison Playbook — I am sure this one is good but the twist I won’t allow another Chilbong heartbreak for me. Jess May 29 2020 7:58 pm How versatile and talented of an actor they are. I love this drama and the cast. Running May 15 2020 5:43 am I usually watched drama after it ends because I'm not patient enough to wait every week, but for this one I'll make an exception. Chae Song-hwa and Kim Joo wa together. i never find a kdrama which has a proper band scene. This drama really made me happy. and this concept is good i think. Please... Yoon Eun Hye, EUNJIII May 29 2019 12:48 am The actors and the acting is superb. I certainly needed it. Ana May 29 2020 12:30 am It's a very refreshing to see a simple everyday life the staff of the hospital. You may refer to the comment I posted on 02Apr. Ucay Apr 15 2020 3:48 am What are you talking about? Mar 11, 2020. ? Without reading the synopsis, I continue to watch first ep. We are on episode 4, and they have resolved every cliffhanger at the end of episode 1, 2 and 3, albeit not at the opening of the next episode. He's really a great professor. He is very good actor and damnly hot and attractive. So in love with Dr Jang Gyeo Wool! Amaya May 16 2020 11:30 pm Thank you so much for the best 12 weeks. And all the casts, even the patients did really well. After watching the first episode, I couldn't wait for the next one to be shown. it's fun and does not drain your energy or make you cry buckets.of tears but it's very touching and beautiful. and i think this is what makes it different, and the camera work, plot, gag are making this drama the most high-class one. Sundy L Watanabe Jul 09 2020 1:54 pm Best medical drama after dr.romantic:) The cast—daebak! Safe to say Reply series fans like me to give up hope on a new installment. I love part When Jung Suk sings.He is good voice. The story line was great! I couldn't really ask for more. ep 1: Jun-wan saw Song-hwa's boyfriend cheating on her. Thank u for your hard work.. ^^, PTR May 29 2020 6:02 am Kdramas like this one, prison playbook, my mister etc; are the reason why I get through my daily hardships. I'm a fan of JKH ive watched most of all korean medical dramas and my long wish has finally happening. Oof Apr 04 2020 10:29 am For the first time in 20 years, everyone's finally working under the same roof. Dean Apr 21 2020 7:04 am This drama made me smile more than I ever did in other shows. Not overly dramatic as it is in real life but watching thiis brings on a smile. Over the almost 2-hour long episode, we see how the five of them try to work through their emotions while serving different patients. I look forward to this show every week. In Australia....... Love ? good cast. The build up is great, this is why I am anticipating for the second season. friendship goal! i think iksong is the main couple tho (?) It's for real another slice of life show. Toot Mar 14 2020 10:30 am News - Jun 7, 2020. ❤️❤️ Much love and appreciation to this Kdrama. Hospital playlist doesn't have much back time scenes and focus on this era, it has nothing new too cause there's a lot of medical kdrama with deep medical information and more patient focused conflict than this drama. Like the reply series, and the wise life series' first show, prison playbook, hospital playlist is definitely a catch. Bahkan episode akhir mendapat rating 14,14 persen untuk nasional dan 16,71 persen untuk rating penonton I love how this drama capture every single moment between 5 peoples who have been friends since they entered medical school. Seeing that there will only be 12 episodes, I'm already wishing for season 2.. Junny Benny Mar 21 2020 11:58 pm The second season of HP is set to air in 2021. I guess Yoo Yeon Seok has my heart now. 1 eps per week is better than 2 eps per week n this drama doesn't have long episodes just 12. Oh This looks really good. //]]>, //