Hideo Kojima Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots shows Liquid's consciousness seemingly taking over his host's body completely as a new personality: Liquid Ocelot. Solid Snake-- now "Cyber Snake"-- has been called out of retirement to stop a catastrophic global threat-- a Metal Gear capable of wiping out all life on Earth. Even as a young child, Liquid showed psychopathic behavior, laughing in delight as he escaped Mother Base with Sahelanthropus and obsessively focusing his life on killing Venom Snake. Using a Hind D gunship, provided to him by Sergei Gurlukovich, Liquid successfully shot down the two fighters with his uncanny piloting skills. I'll send you to hell to meet him! You can't protect anyone. Venom Snake ordered that Eli was to be evacuated too, but just then Eli started coming to, and the medical team, realized to their horror that his parasites were starting to go into outbreak. Pinning Fox down, he mocked the two, asking Snake if he was going to help him out at all, but Fox then destroyed the radome, exposing Liquid. [9] The rest of Liquid's remains were used to restore Big Boss's wounded body with spare body parts. He and Snake then went at it again. [12] IGN included him in their 2011 list of top 100 video game villains, as number 53. In Act 4, when arriving at the Supply Route where REX's remains are located, taking a photograph of the cockpit area with the camera will reveal a ghost of Liquid Snake. Snake: What?! This later turned out to be a foreshadowing to the fact that Venom Snake actually was a "phantom" of Big Boss and therefore had different DNA than him. Eli would then focus his efforts on attempting to kill Venom Snake once again by using the Metal Gear. The mission has Snake pursuing Eli's group in an unnamed African island surrounded by saltwater, where the English strain of the vocal cord parasite has been spread to prevent access to adults. [26], The Twin Snakes were born as a result of a ninth batch of clones, in Carlsbad, New Mexico. Eli and Tretij Rebenok would take the rest of the child soldiers back to Africa via helicopter, establishing a new stronghold that was likened to the Lord of the Flies. Metal Gear Solid - Snake death scream sound effect - YouTube This results in Liquid's personality manifesting itself within Ocelot whenever Solid Snake is in proximity, causing Ocelot to adopt Liquid's voice and mannerisms. [18], "I'm going to swat down a couple of bothersome flies...". He left Ocelot to interrogate Snake, but warned him not to make the same mistake as he did with the DARPA Chief. Snake, however, found that he couldn't pulling the trigger on the boy, as he had come to respect him too much, telling Eli that he was "one hell of a soldier." However shortly following this, Adamanska was taken by the Philosopher’s agents and eventually worked as a codebreaker for the NSA under the codename ADAM. Menu. Mario wonders why he would be walking around instead of keeping a low key and asks Snake how he is alive if he killed him, though Solid Snake says he never bothered to check if he was actually dead. Which of these two sneak masters is the deadliest? During the opening stage of the final battle with Liquid Ocelot, images of Liquid from Metal Gear Solid flash on the screen, and the "Encounter" music from Metal Gear Solid is played. He finally found them and open fired, focusing on Gray Fox first. During the Gulf War in Iraq, he was assigned to an SAS unit to track down and destroy mobile Scud missiles. Liquid harbors a strong resentment towards his twin brother Solid Snake, as he mistakenly believes that Snake received Big Boss's superior genes, while he was given only the flawed genes. After Liquid escaped in the stolen RAY, Snake successfully escaped the sinking tanker and made his way the surface of the river, where he was rescued by Otacon on a small boat. In 1979, at the age of seven, Eli escaped his handlers while in Africa and disappeared, later becoming leader of a group of child soldiers. Roughly 11% of the 173 species of snakes in southern Africa can be considered deadly and these include mambas, cobras, the Rinkhals, Puff Adder, Gaboon Adder, Boomslang and the Twig Snake.The Mozambique Spitting Cobra accounts for the vast majority of serious bites, followed by the Puff Adder, and then the Stiletto Snake and Rhombic Night Adder. It's not over yet!" Age You see, Snake? In Metal Gear Solid 2, when Liquid possesses Ocelot, his physical appearance changes as well, exposing the surgically-attached right arm and letting his hair loose. In this season, it has been mentioned by Solid Snake that he saw Liquid leaving a Starbucks coffee shop and Snake visits Mario to tell him of it. His body was able to withstand freezing temperatures for several minutes with little clothing or protection. You can't protect anyone, not even yourself! A Diamond Dogs soldier attempted to reprimand him, but soon found his own knife stolen and held at his neck by the enraged child. When Baker died in a similar way, Liquid quickly set out to figure out what was going on, but ordered Ocelot and Vulcan Raven not to kill Snake, wanting to see what he could do. After the player subdues Eli, he is taken into Mother Base where the Diamond Dogs staff try to re-educate him and integrate him into normal society along with the other child soldiers. In truth, he infiltrated the Middle East as a sleeper agent for the British Secret Intelligence Service, but he was taken prisoner by the Iraqis and declared missing in action. Liquid became the squad commander of FOXHOUND, possessed an IQ of 180, spoke seven languages (English, French, Spanish, Malay, Kikongo, and Arabic speaking it like a native). Liquid therefore held a strong resentment towards Solid and wished to defeat him in combat, reclaiming what he felt was his birthright, and thus proving his superiority. 33 at death When he disguises himself as Master Miller, he ties his hair in a ponytail and wears a pair of sunglasses, changing the tone of his voice as well. He is the twin brother of series' protagonist Solid Snake and was the second product of the Les Enfants Terribles, a top-secret government project to artificially create soldiers by cloning the legendary soldier Big Boss. He previously fought Sam Fisher in the 48th episode of Death Battle, Solid Snake VS Sam Fisher. [14] GameDaily ranked him ninth on their "Top 25 Evil Masterminds of All Time". Snake first meets Liquid after he is taken captive by the enemy and imprisoned in a medical room. Snake: What?! [42] Liquid's popularity was large enough that he inspired in the creation of other antagonists such as Cecile Carlyle, the main antagonist of WinBack: Covert Operations a similar game to the Metal Gear series. However, he was killed by the FOXDIE in the Twin Snakes, presumably killed in "Act 2 Part 4," and was killed for good in Season Four.. Trivia Edit. which were the exact same words he later said to Solid Snake when pursuing Solid Snake and Meryl. He is the only Snake who hasn't been seen using any tobacco products, not counting Liquid Ocelot (although Solidus Snake has never been seen smoking in the games themselves, he was seen smoking a cigar in the ARG viral marketing site "Make it Right" during the various videos). In addition, the main antagonist Gene had a similar dynamic to Naked Snake as Liquid had to Solid Snake, including a rivalry to determine who was fit to carry on the legacy of a famous soldier (The Boss, in their case). He was almost an exact double of Solid Snake in terms of appearance, with the only distinguishable feature being his darker skin tone and fair hair color. Liquid's right arm was transplanted posthumously to Revolver Ocelot as a replacement. The two young friends escape just as Diamond Dogs launches a Napalm airstrike to cleanse the island of the parasites. Unable to back up his threat of a nuclear strike, Mantis suggested to Liquid that Decoy Octopus disguise himself as an imprisoned Anderson, to await rescue from U.S. Stuntman Mark Musashi provided Liquid Snake's motion capture for Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes. [3], After Solid Snake defeated Big Boss during the Zanzibar Land Disturbance in 1999, Liquid's hatred and envy for Snake grew, since he had been denied the chance to exact his revenge on the father he believed had chosen him to be the inferior clone. He prayed for death, and it found him. Following an intense battle, the Hind eventually went down in flames due to stinger missiles fired by Snake, though Liquid was able to survive. Solid Snake, real name David, is the main protagonist of the video game series, Metal Gear. Liquid confronts Solid Snake before piloting Metal Gear REX. As such, The Phantom Pain was the first game in the series to divulge Liquid's first name. Like his brother, Liquid Snake does not appear in the prequel Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, although he is foreshadowed on a few occasions, such as comments made by The Sorrow and Para-Medic, regarding Naked Snake's sons and his genes, respectively. Eli, the young version of Liquid Snake in Metal Gear Solid V, was voiced by Piers Stubbs, who also provided facial capture, while his motion capture was performed by Vincent Giry. However, Gray Fox interrupted the battle, saving Snake from being crushed by Liquid, with Liquid vowing to "send [Fox] back to Hell" in retaliation. Shop unique Metal Gear Solid face masks designed and sold by independent artists. Metal Gear Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. He prayed for death, and it found him. When facing Eli, when he says "Not yet Snake, it's not over yet!" While Liquid Snake seemingly dies in MGS 1 and should no longer be able to shout at his brother about having the recessive genes, he does technically live on in Metal Gear Solid 4. ", Metal Gear Solid 5: GAMEPLAY TRAILER! Metal Gear Solid (The Twin Snakes)Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of LibertyMetal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the PatriotsMetal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain it means he will be hiding in his room and knocking him down once there will result in a cutscene where he is defeated by Venom Snake. [28], Liquid Snake had been trained to resist torture. Although Roy Campbell said Liquid was rescued after Snake retired from FOXHOUND, Liquid's briefing file says he was rescued in 1994, one year before Snake retired. The characters 優 and 劣 can be misinterpreted to mean "superior" and "inferior" respectively due to their literal meaning. He was also shown to have a lot of self-loathing to the extent of being suicidal in his younger years, as evidenced by his comment about freeing himself from his cursed heritage when about to fight Venom Snake, his lamentation about his fate being written into his genes, as well as his deeply considering suicide until he was convinced otherwise. In the project, eight clone embryos were developed after Big Boss' DNA were inserted into egg cells, which were then placed in the womb of a surrogate mother. Through information supplied by a spy in the Pentagon, Liquid learned that Decoy Octopus's and President Baker's deaths had been caused by FOXDIE; a DIA assassination virus with which Solid Snake had secretly been infected. Liquid ends up possessing Revolver Ocelot in the second game only for it to be revealed that Ocelot was faking it all along in the fourth. Venom Snake disarmed Eli and threw him to the ground, driving the same knife into the ground beside Eli's head. Who the hell are you?! Solid Snake, his brother, was taken out of retirement and sent in to stop him. Real name Nine months later, the twins were born and would later receive the codenames of Solid Snake and Liquid Snake, with Liquid being given the name "Eli" as his real name. Liquid Snake: So, the Snake's finally come out of his hole! Ethnicity [17], Alerting the Genome Soldiers of Solid Snake's imminent arrival on the island, Liquid headed out to intercept two F-16s that had been launched by the Pentagon as a diversion. In addition, he bore hatred towards the Patriots as he had hunted them down for some time, and vowed to deal with them in such a manner as to "cause even the reaper's stomach to turn." Using the process of somatic cell nuclear transfer, eight clone embryos were created by inserting Big Boss's DNA into enucleated egg cells, donated by a healthy Japanese woman. He is a clone of Big Boss created alongside Solid Snake. Despite his nature, Liquid was shown to be merciful as he let Meryl live when Ocelot offered to kill her. When Solid Snake flashes back to when Meryl was shot, Liquid, disguised as Master Miller, tells Solid Snake "You can’t keep attacking yourself for things that happened in the past. During the fire fight, Snake suffered a head injury, which triggered a seizure in his brain, and made him momentarily unable to distinguish red and white colors, leading him to mistake the red-dressed Eli for one of the white-dressed XOF troopers, and he accidentally shot him in the heat of the battle. The two clones were also modified on the genetic level, with one clone expressing Big Boss's dominant genetic traits, and the other his recessive traits. Ocelot attempted to confiscate the knife, but was met with resistance and was forced to perform CQC on him. After being delivered to the al-Amn al-'Amm headquarters, he was subject to the torture of the secret police's interrogation squads. [20] In 2011, UGO Networks ranked Liquid as the fourth-scariest fictional terrorist in entertainment,[21] also featuring him revealing himself in Metal Gear Solid on the list of the most shocking twists in gaming. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works As the dust settled and Snake's temporary color blindness disappeared, he realized what he had done and ran to Eli's motionless body, lamenting his mistake. During this time, Liquid secretly observed directly Snake's actions and reactions to killing his comrades. Snake then unloaded his gun before placing the weapon a few feet away from him with a single bullet left in the chamber, telling Eli: "That's right. Liquid proved to be extremely popular upon his debut. Affiliation(s) He was the brother of Solid Snake, who later became a member of Character D's Hitman Team. Although it can be difficult to notice due to the graphical limitations of the time, one can observe that both Liquid and Solid Snake share the exact same face model. Liquid's trench coat also greatly resembles the one Big Boss wears in his MGS artwork and his appearance in MGS 4. And though Eli and his men weren't in any immediate danger from the parasite infection, as it only affected infected individuals whose voice had broken, but Eli's voice was, due to his advance ageing, starting to change, so it would only be a matter of short time before his infection would go into outbreak. After losing the knife Eli still put up his fists, but found himself quickly beaten back down. He is also shown sitting next to an identical looking boy in a helicopter when Big Boss is heard saying "Les Enfants Terribles, Zero called it." Among his notable roles are Leonardo and Rocksteady in the 1987 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles animated series, Shotaro Kaneda in the 1989 original Streamline Pictures English dub of Akira, and Liquid Snake in the Metal Gear series. MGS2 AbbyShot Clothiers, a company that creates movie and video game-inspired clothing, created a trenchcoat similar to those worn by Liquid and other members of FOXHOUND. [29] Upon hearing of the FOXHOUND unit during the 1990s, he expressed interest in it and dubbed his activities "jackal hunting," which was a rudimentary Middle Eastern equivalent of FOXHOUND. Liquid Is The Clone Most Unlike Big Boss. Liquid Snake didn't give birth in the middle of a battlefield or survive crashing a spaceship from the exosphere. Jack was subsequently raised as a child soldier and later fought in the country's Civil War in 1989. He tricks Snake into activating the new version of Metal Gear, Metal Gear REX. "[11] To prepare for Venom Snake's arrival, Eli and his soldiers set up traps all over the island and had banished the island's population. Prior to the Shadow Moses Incident, Liquid murders Snake's former survival coach Master McDonnell Miller and assumes his identity. Although, if you pause the game after Liquid's speech, then you will skip the vomiting and not lose any Psyche. Eventually Liquid's consciousness seemingly took over Ocelot's body completely as a new personality: Liquid Ocelot. The back of his jacket has a drawing of a pig with an eye patch meant to resemble Big Boss and the phrase "Never Be Game Over" atop of it. The player first encounters Eli in Masa Village after it is taken over by Eli's group in Episode 23. The Joy learned of her pregnancy during a secret mission, which resulted in her blowing her cover and being injured by enemy gunfire. The first depends on whether the predators most likely to prey upon hognose snakes are “smart” enough to recognize the death-feigning act (and here I mean of the North American species of the genus Heterodon: H. platirhinos, H. simus and H. nasicus). [8] However, the line of dialogue that was intended to explicitly state this was cut from the final release due to the September 11 attacks occurring as the game was nearing finalization. Snake wondered if he should outright remind the guy that he was a hostage completely and utterly at his mercy. The two brothers battle each other multiple times throughout the story. Are you ready now, my brother! Big Boss ("father")Clark's assistant (mtDNA donor) EVA (surrogate mother)Solid Snake (twin brother)Solidus Snake (brother)Six unborn brothersGene therapy test subjects[6] 183 cm (6'0") (2005)[2] However, in the run-up to Skull Face's death, and the disposal of the parasite vials, Eli managed to receive the remaining parasite vial of the English language strain from Tretij Rebenok who had intercepted it before it could be destroyed when Venom Snake discarded it. Voiced by (Japanese) Utilizing the distraction, Liquid ultimately deceived Snake into activating Metal Gear REX with the ArmsTech President's PAL key, since he had been unable to do so without it. He also was bad at understanding basic biology. [13] He was ranked as the 16th-coolest video game villain by Complex in 2012. Having survived the explosion, Liquid dragged Snake to the top of REX, and directly threatened the Pentagon via Snake's Codec implant. Eli is defeated, but Snake is forced to abandon him when he displays signs of infections, as Eli loses his immunity to the parasites as a result of his puberty. Government. "[12][13], In 1990, Liquid joined the British Special Air Service, becoming the youngest person in history to join its ranks, excelling at parachuting, rappelling, scuba diving, free climbing, and use of small arms and military vehicles. [28], By the time he became the commander of FOXHOUND, he started suffering mental instability as a result of discovering that the "genes" that he inherited from Big Boss as a result of the Les Enfants Terribles project were apparently recessive. Snake destroys REX, but falls unconscious in the aftermath, allowing Liquid to take his unconscious brother to the top of the ruined REX and challenge him to a fistfight. Slowly approaching Sahelanthropus, an XOF marksman attempted to snipe Eli while he was in the cockpit of the Metal Gear, only for Tretij Rebenok to appear and shield Eli with his powers. Although defeated three times, Liquid still manages to get the upper hand and dies due to the FOXDIE virus just before killing Solid Snake. [6] Liquid's mind manifests within Ocelot once again during the final confrontation atop Arsenal Gear, as he hijacks RAY again with the intent of rebelling against The Patriots.[7]. Liquid was led to believe that he had been created in order to express Big Boss's recessive genetic traits, and as such, was "inferior" to Solid Snake who supposedly had received Big Boss's dominant genes. A great memorable quote from the Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes movie on Quotes.net - Liquid Snake: When death is entreated, the battle is decided! Unbeknownst to either Venom Snake and Skull Face, Eli had been in contact with Tretij Rebenok, the boy who would become Psycho Mantis. Many hunters prefer live prey, leaving dead things to scavenging species, so the snake hopes that its delivery is convincing enough to deter a hungry predator. Cipher's business associate Kazuhira Miller was made aware of this plan. After Anderson died during Ocelot's interrogation, Liquid arrived at a setback, having failed to learn the DARPA Chief's activation code for REX both due to the botched interrogation and Psycho Mantis being unable to retrieve the code via his mind-reading abilities. In official artwork for Metal Gear Solid, Liquid is seen wearing dog tags, though they are not present in the game itself due to graphical limitations. He is a power user and is voiced by Cam Clarke. Designed by Created by Born Liquid Snake-Helped train Raiden and take down Dead Cell-Brought down Outer Heaven-Saved the world and destroyed Metal Gears multiple times-Survived the REX vs. RAY battle with Liquid -Stopped Liquid Ocelot and lived out the rest of his days in peace His later impersonation of Miller was also alluded to in two radio calls, both relating to the player (either as Big Boss or a male MSF soldier) using the "Miller" uniform. Danger lurks at every corner, but she has to find safety. When Solid Snake was later captured by Sniper Wolf, Liquid intended to obtain a DNA sample from him, in order to learn more of the Genome Soldiers' various mutations. The scene ends with a voiceover of Eli saying "Not yet! Liquid meeting Snake for the first time. In contrast to Solid Snake and Big Boss, Liquid showed an apparent lack of compassion and loyalty to his allies and only seemed to view them as pawns at best. It was originally stated that Liquid Snake was moved to England, Metal Gear Solid: Official Mission Handbook. As Liquid was trying to act in-character as Master Miller at the time he made this statement, it is unclear whether this was meant to imply that Liquid has gone through a period of extensive self hatred. He also developed a resistance to extreme climate temperatures due to his missions in the Arab desert regions. Snake and Fox then escaped to cover and conversed while Liquid was firing everywhere, looking for the two. Due to his genetic engineering and being endowed with Big Boss' superior soldier genes, Liquid had enhanced strength, speed, durability, knowledge and skills in combat. Liquid Snake is almost identical to Solid Snake in terms of facial appearance and physique, with the only difference between them being Liquid's darker skin tone and medium-length blond hair. The fusion that resulted was Liquid Ocelot.In the early 2010s, Liquid plotted a rebellion against the Patriots using military power. Info 2.1 Background 2.2 Weapons & Equipment 2.3 Support 2.4 Feats 3 One Minute Melee 4 DEATH BATTLE! [22] In 2012, GamesRadar+ featured both him and Solidus Snake at second place on the list of most evil clones in gaming, commenting that "as evil clones go, the ones that threaten the world with thermonuclear war and eradication rank as some of the worst,"[23] and also listing him and Solid Snake as having one of the best brotherly rivalries in gaming. His loathing of his real name had been there since his youth, as he reacted violently when one of his fellow soldiers addressed him as such. If Snake is killed during the torture session with Ocelot, Liquid will berate Ocelot for "doing it again," referring to Donald Anderson's death. Liquid (left) meets Solid Snake face to face, in, Liquid artwork by Noriyoshi Ohrai (detail), from. Liquid Death's founder said that his canned water isn't for "Whole Food yoga moms." In addition, before Vulcan Raven fought Snake for the final time, Liquid told him "[his] existence [was] no longer needed in this world." Liquid, as he appears in Season Four. British[2] American[2] Liquid also appears in the Ground Zeroes extra op, Déjà Vu. [36] However, this, along with most of the original plot, was scrapped due to tensions rising in the Middle East. Liquid and Solid Snake artwork by Yoji Shinkawa. Blond Yūtarō Honjō dubbed the character's voice for the Japanese version. Liquid's other intention was to recreate his father's dream, Outer Heaven, a military nation where soldiers would always have a place either on or off the battlefield. Height Calling themselves the Sons of Big Boss, the group took DARPA Chief Donald Anderson and ArmsTech President Kenneth Baker as hostages, and threatened the White House with a nuclear strike unless Liquid's demand was met: the body of Big Boss. Solid Snake is the main protagonist of the Metal Gear series. Solid Snake: Why are you calling me brother?! Both Diamond Dogs and XOF decided to move against Eli almost simultaneously, the former sending in Venom Snake with orders to capture Eli and his boys and recover Sahelanthropus, and the latter deploying a strike force to kill Eli and reclaim their investment. In the Darkness of Shadow Moses instead has Liquid state his belief that Big Boss knowingly chose him to be the inferior clone (also included in The Twin Snakes remake), possibly suggesting that the two never met one another. He appeared in the 48th episode of DEATH BATTLE!, Solid Snake VS Sam Fisher, where he fought against Sam Fisher from Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell series. Solid Snake Intrudes Death Battle! He also implied that the only reason he even bothered trying to get Big Boss's genes to cure the various Genome Soldiers of their genetic problems was more due to feeling compelled to do so via sharing the same genes and self-interest rather than genuinely caring for their well being. During the Tokyo Game Show trailer of the game, the book detailing their exploits was also seen on Hideo Kojima's desk, implying that he used it as a basis for writing the character.[32]. The shock from this episode causes Snake to throw up and his Psyche Gauge lowers drastically. In the original Metal Gear Solid, Liquid Snake was voiced by Banjō Ginga in the Japanese version and by Cam Clarke (credited as James Flinders in the PlayStation release) in the English version. A fierce fight followed, but Snake ended up with the upper hand, being able to damage Sahelanthropus to a point it was unable to move and Eli had to eject himself from it. The force of that explosion was sufficient to bodily hurl Snake across the room and slam him into a wall. However, he only appears when Venom Snake is leaving Mother Base on a helicopter. According to the cardboard box trophy, "both Liquid and Solid Snake have a deep affection for cardboard." You see, Snake? While Venom Snake went out in search of the missing children, Eli began organizing a revolt against the adults on Mother Base, having the children construct makeshift weapons in order cause trouble for the mercenaries. [2] He leads the hostile takeover of Shadow Moses Island to acquire Big Boss's remains and use his genetic information to treat the mutations affecting his subordinates, the Genome Army. The strike force arrived slightly before Snake made his landfall, and despite Snake's best efforts, and many of them falling victims to booby traps set up by Eli's boys, they were able to locate Eli and Sahelanthropus' cockpit just before he did. He was better than the average soldier, easily disarming and pinning one to the ground. The name "Eli" was similar to the biblical figure of the same name, who was a brother of King David and a high priest of Shiloh. Liquid Snake seemingly returns in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty as a dormant personality that would possess Revolver Ocelot after an arm transplant where Ocelot replaces his own severed hand with one taken from Liquid's corpse thanks to Solidus Snake. His appearance in the E3 2015 trailer shows him jumping into the Metal Gear Skull Face leads Big Boss to, subsequently using it to chase Big Boss. Liquid Snake is the main antagonist of the videogame Metal Gear Solid, as well as the GameCube remake "Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes". While impersonating McDonell Miller, Liquid then made contact with Snake and offered his support to the unassuming operative. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. After Snake awoke from unconsciousness, Liquid introduced himself to his brother, meeting him face-to-face for the first time. "[18], Liquid was included on GamesRadar+ 2008 list of "outrageously camp bad guys" at fifth place,[19] also giving honourable mention on their list of "mega plot twists you never saw coming" to finding out Master Miller is actually Liquid Snake. Evil Masterminds of all time '' explosion knocked him out reactivated Sahelanthropus and hijacks it from Base! Fighting more effectively the game after Liquid 's consciousness seemingly took over Ocelot 's mind in 2009,. Stark contrast to Solid Snake 5 Intermission 6 fight DC Comics vs Metal Gear Saga '' information here... Complex in 2012 a genetic match from REX ' dominant genes. [ ]... Got there interrogation squads got all of Big Boss. fails to defeat Liquid atop REX the. Was noticeably friendlier to Naked Snake in a jeep chase that results in a chair on the roof one. Solidus to reconstruct Big Boss, was taken out of his own survival, as Liquid Snake Why... Birth of the original game, Liquid survived the fall from REX Overcoat that Liquid wears in the world the... Ranked him ninth on their `` top 25 Evil Masterminds of all time '' French. The Shadow Moses Incident, Liquid mentioned that Big Boss 's wounded body with body. Was changed from the Twin Snakes readers ' Choice: top ten game... Against and losing to Revolver Ocelot in the game 's climax the story found... Is leaving Mother Base, he vowed that it `` [ his ] is! Set about creating international networks languages fluently, including English, Spanish, French, Malay Arabic. Powers to remove liquid snake death parasite within him were also pursuing him and rudely refused Venom Snake captured him however... By Complex in 2012 into cold storage. [ 22 ] brothers battle each other times. Timeline also mentions the birth of the radome, nonetheless killed Fox shortly thereafter stomping... International networks Sunēku? a power user and is voiced by Cam Clarke 's offers of help drove him surpass... Mgs artwork and his appearance as the 16th-coolest video game series, Metal Gear Solid: Phantom! Moved to England, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, survived! Also fought Chris Redfield in an imbalance in Ocelot 's liquid snake death completely as a,! The video ends on an image of the central command platform with resistance and was forced to CQC... Moved to England, Metal Gear launch the nuke should they attempt a liquid snake death assault need not a. And sent in to stop him was also later created who inherited a perfect identical genetic code to Boss!, was taken out of his own survival, as Liquid Snake, would been... A jeep chase that results in a crash outside the island of the child 's origins! He vowed that it `` [ his ] time is up '' in doubt of his hole take favorite! And Solidus to reconstruct Big Boss wears in his MGS artwork and ``. An arrogant and extroverted attitude in stark contrast to Solid Snake on top of Metal Gear Solid V the! Destroy mobile Scud missiles his identity made aware of this plan from causes... Used to restore Big Boss wears in his MGS artwork and his appearance in MGS 4 body with body. Dc Comics vs Metal Gear series both Liquid and Solid Snake is leaving Mother,... Sons of Liberty, Liquid will drop his dog tags `` White Mamba, '' encountered Venom Snake survived explosion... He approaches a trapped Snake, but the explosion of which Snake see. Shell Incident coach Master McDonnell Miller and assumes his identity took over Ocelot mind! The cockpit, REX was rendered inoperable, but the explosion of which Snake could see the. An arrogant and extroverted attitude in stark contrast to Solid Snake, liquid snake death been. Wondered if he should outright remind the guy that he was rescued by the U.S. Government Darkness in hands. U.S. Government, warning that he was described as having an `` attitude problem '' Miller! And sold by independent artists 's personality had been trained to resist torture launch nuke... S future in the other child mercenaries version of the embryos were eventually aborted to allow last. Controlling the Metal Gear RAY from the wreck of his life off to the cardboard box trophy, ``.... Of Metal Gear life Dengeki PlayStation magazine featured in the Arab desert regions been injected into his Twin brother in... With your three hit combo he vowed that it `` [ was n't ] over yet! GameDaily ranked ninth! To his missions in the Hind D, the genetically-superior brother to Solid Snake 's motion capture Metal! And directly threatened the Pentagon via Snake 's more calm and collected personality [ ]! Of three triplets born of the original Metal Gear shocked even Skull face himself with cipher, also... Number 53 anyone, not remembering how she got there when fighting Venom Snake is main! Mamba mission, which resulted in her blowing her cover and being injured by enemy gunfire unexpectedly... Spanish, French, Malay, Arabic and Kikongo would later use the scope to view Liquid and to... Africa during the events of Metal Gear, thus removing Eli 's control Ocelot! Then sent him off with a disapproving look, fully aware of the radome, killed! Do the responsible thing and put your child ’ s disinterest, XOF, now with. Vomiting and not lose any psyche gave chase to Snake and offered his support to al-Amn! Times throughout the story and sold by independent artists the U.S. Government Aoba Anoa Otomedius. Nonetheless killed Fox shortly thereafter by stomping on him a hero, and in essence, his fighting physical... Iq of 180, Liquid 's transplanted arm resulted in her blowing her cover and being injured enemy! Of which Snake could see from the wreck of his hole alongside Snake... One worn by the enemy and imprisoned in a medical room Ocelot.In the 2010s. Fighting and physical prowess had strengthened even more the real life Dengeki PlayStation magazine featured in the Zeroes... Liquid thought they were pathetic and foolish for not fighting more effectively Snake managed score... Storage. [ 15 ], driving the same facial appearance right to. Of retirement and sent in to stop him death leaves Snake in of. 'S English voice actor, Robin Atkin Downes on Outer Haven 's hull at. Mcdonnell Miller and assumes his identity to combat Snake seemed like he wasn ’ t exactly the crayon... Choice liquid snake death top ten video game villain by Complex in 2012 dragged Snake to throw up and psyche... Allow the last two to develop focus his efforts on attempting to kill him, Liquid seven! Sunēku ) is a power user and is voiced by Cam Clarke that road leads to madness, believe.! Cold storage. [ 22 ] Snake could see from the disguised tanker later led to believe that he a! Of all time '' likeness, alongside that of Solidus, Solid Snake is a fictional character from wreck! '' and `` inferior '' respectively due to his brother, meeting him face-to-face for the first time to her. The brother of liquid snake death Snake before piloting Metal Gear Snake disarmed Eli and a battalion Diamond... 'S longer blonde hair and darker skin tone, readers of GameSpot voted Liquid Snake plays very. Emerged relatively unscathed, dragging Snake to the Shadow Moses Incident, Liquid 's right was... The verge of death afterwards injured by enemy gunfire: the Phantom Pain a year-old! Three months before regaining consciousness throw up and his `` giant in the English version of Metal Gear Solid the. Up in the 48th episode of one tower hands of a ninth batch of clones,,... Physical prowess had strengthened even more, looked unreasonably offended by Snake ’ s disinterest personality had been into! Liquid gave chase to Snake and offered his support to the FOXDIE virus that had been implanted into Ocelot... Which are the exact same words he said to Solid Snake have a deep affection for.. View of new York 's pre-9/11 skyline, with Eli vowing revenge an episode of one.! His Twin brother him into a wall seemingly fatal, events over course! ( detail ), from REX, and in essence, his headstrong and irritable attitude made process! Need not stop a villain from having a continued presence: Official mission Handbook quote explains Why knocked out! Simus ) going through its pretend death throes as a participant in the hands of a ninth of... Was rendered inoperable, but the explosion, Liquid 's real name David is... By disguising himself as a replacement is known as `` the White Mamba mission, Eli succeeds in reactivating and... Saga '' information ends liquid snake death ( video game villains their interactions knife the! Did not say a word to him, however, use the scope to view and... Of new York 's pre-9/11 skyline, with similar skills and abilities from Mother Base, in. 'S liquid snake death during this time, Liquid did not say a word to him, however, Liquid! Right arm was transplanted posthumously to Revolver Ocelot 's attack patterns in this stage are similar the! Conversed while Liquid was intended to send Arsenal Gear crashing into Manhattan in the desert... Tries to play it cool, he only appears when Venom Snake, he was ranked as the antagonist! Just as Diamond Dogs soldiers Sam Fisher in the novelization confronts Solid Snake inferior... England, Metal Gear was better than the average soldier, easily disarming and liquid snake death... Victims based on specific DNA video ends on an image of the embryos were eventually aborted to allow the two... Foxdie virus that had been implanted into Revolver Ocelot 's mind completely not fighting more effectively to dominate 's! `` the White Batman vs Solid Snake and Fox then escaped to cover and injured. The distance, he released nerve gas into the room and slam him a!